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Wayne Choate, DTM, AS
Keynote Speaker, Humorist, and Seminar Leader


The Positive Power of Doing
In the midst of technological options such as computers, smart phones,
pagers, and the next high-tech device, it's important to remember that people - not gizmos
- get things done. With so many speakers extolling the power of positive
thinking, this speech examines the real-life process of achieving more,
accomplishing more, and "doing" more.

This talk is another in the Choate tradition: High take-away value, laced with
humor, and strengthened with inspiration. It may be presented as a 25-minute
or 50-minute keynote address.

The Missing Link
No one goes through life alone, we all belong to teams. Whether it be our family team, church team or business team… we all belong to teams. We all strive for success in life, but for many success is an elusive dream... something seems to be missing. This speech revels the "Missing Link" that prevents so many from achieving all they want in life.

This speech is for anyone who has struggled, or is struggling, with life and the difficulties in obtaining success and happiness. It may be presented as a 20-minute or 50-minute Keynote address.

How To Be A Wild and Wonderful Speaker
It has been said, "the number one fear we all posses, is the fear of public speaking"… Death is often ranked as the number three fear. This means that most people would rather be in the casket than giving the eulogy. But yet, we have all seen and heard speeches and speakers that appear to have no fear, and are having fun on the platform. Is public speaking a learned skill? Is there a way to overcome the fear?

This speech details the steps to overcome the fear of public speaking. This presentation reveals the 15-secrets to effective public speaking and is for anyone who desires to develop or improve their presentation skills. Designed to be given as a 40-60 minute educational presentation or a half-day workshop.

Wayne Choate Professional Keynote Speaker, Humorist, Seminar Leader
Wayne Choate — Performance Communications
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